On October 7, 1920 and 8 mill tax was voted upon and approved for the purpose of  erecting and equipping a school house in Pickering School District on E.E. Carroll's land. The majority of the taxpayers in favor were 53 in number and $42,720 in amount, therefore the proposition was carried. Finly S. Stanley was secretary of the Vernon Parish School Board.

    The Pickering Elementary/High School was built in 1923 and has always been at the same location. The first school was a two story white building which was built with lumber from the Pickering sawmill. It housed Grades 1-11. The school took its name from the W.R. Pickering Lumber Company which was located just south of the present school on the north side of what is now Hwy. 10. There were approximately two hundred students. William Watkins was the first Principal. There have been 13 Principals to follow.

    In 1943 a new elementary was built and it housed grades 1-6. The two story building then became the high school.  During the next few years, there were structural problems with the original building, mainly with the roof. After great investigation, it was agreed to remove not only the roof, but the entire second floor.  The remaining structure was then bricked, giving the school a completely different look. This was finished in the fall of 1944 and the school was re-opened.

    In 1963 the gymnasium burned and a new one was built for the 1964 school year and remains today as the elementary gym. In 1966 another building was added to the school grounds. It housed grades K-12 with 600 students.