Pickering Elementary Uniforms

Uniform Information for 2014-2015

The school uniform policy will be part of the Vernon Parish Dress Code and will require the following colors and styles:
  • Khaki pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, skorts, culottes (No jeans or sweat pants). Length with be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.  If pants/shorts have belt loops, a black or brown belt must be worn. 
  • Red, black, or white shirts/blouses/tops/sweaters. Shirts/blouses must have a collar(turtle neck will be approved) and be worn tucked in.  Undershirts are allowed, but must be WHITE with no writing. 
    *Properly sized sweaters/sweat shirts worn over uniform shirts indoors must be red, white or khaki. Outer wear other than these items may be worn to school but not in class unless they are the uniform colors.
  • Socks will be white, khaki, black or red.
  • No designer labels are to be worn on the clothes.
  • No t-shirts will be worn except the school spirit shirts. (Spirit shirts may be previous year, or PES sport jerseys). These will be worn on special days designated by the principal. Khaki bottoms will be worn with the school spirit shirt.
  • Shoe styles are optional. Backless sandals/shoes are not permitted.
    Sandals/shoes that have a heel higher than one inch are not permitted.
  • No cleats, caps/hats, or sunglasses.

Any special occasions for different attire approved by the principal will be allowed.

Students entering school will be allowed 7-10 days to purchase uniforms and comply with the policy. After this "grace" period, students attending school without the proper uniform will not be allowed to go to class. Once a student wears a uniform, if prior to the two week "grace" period ending, the "grace" period is void and the student must comply with the uniform policy.  Parents will be called to pick them up or bring the proper uniform.  Continued flagrant violation of the uniform policy will result in students being suspended from school.